Wolf-Garten Multi Change®

Gardening without the backache in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Select a handle to suit your height and task in hand.

Step 2 - Choose the appropriate tool head.

Step 3 - Simply click the tool head into the handle and press the red button to release.

Saves Space - Saves Effort - Saves Your Back!

In the Wolf-Garten range the tool heads and handles are sold separately, allowing you to choose the best handle and head for the job. The Wolf Garten Multi-Change® snap-lock connections mean that the head fixes on quickly, safely and soundly on to the handle. With over 46 heads in the range this system offers a solution to most garden tasks.

Year by year the range is supplemented with new clever solutions to allow you to extend your range. The latest additions include allotment related heads such as the row marker and a new handy 1.15m to 2m telescopic handle ideal for the tree pruning heads or fruit picking attachments.